Other Helpful Links

There are a range of Facebook pages that offer support for parents and ideas as to how to help, educate and care for your children.

Please use your judgement to see if these sites meet your needs.  They are not moderated by medical professionals and if you are looking to answer complex and individual questions about your child then having a face to face appointment with them is the best approach.

Dyspraxia – Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia) & Dyslexia Support Facebook Page

Home schooling – An Everyday Story

Clothing for kids with sensory needs – JettProof

Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support – Picky Eaters Club Facebook Page

Parenting – Aha Parenting Website and Aha Parenting Facebook Page

Autism Families – Autism Families in SA Website  and Autism Families in SA Facebook Page