Chores and Children

Household tasks to expect from Children

Although times have changed since Maria Montessori developed her education methods, the chores list that was developed is still able to be adapted to today.

Many parents are hesitant as to what is reasonable to ask of their children.  Time have moved rapidly and the classroom of today would be unrecognisable to my grandparents.  However children need to develop a sense of team and family and also of responsibility.  Valuing others time and energy is important in the community and your child will better understand this if they too, have had to spend their own time and energy on tasks.

age appropriate chores for children-big

Some children will take to chores faster than others.  It is reasonable to start off in a small way and then gradually build up to a larger or more complex chore.

At the age of 5 or 6, regular chores such as putting their own dirty clothes in the wash basket and their own dirty dishes in the sink are fair.  Cleaning up toys should also be involved as a regular chore.

For larger families having a list or roster is helpful so that smaller children can understand what they need to do.

Incentive for completing the chore, rather than bribery to do one, works better.  This may mean using reward charts or gaining the right to choose the TV channel, pick what to eat for dessert or to have a friend over.  The rewards do not have to be material things, and I would encourage them not to be.  A child may earn money toward a larger reward, in a step wise manner, but giving a child a treat after each small chore essentially sets you up for bigger rewards for bigger chores.