Bullying is a very talked about topic and is a problem for a number of children and adults in our society.

One of the first things to determine is whether something is bullying.  Although being excluded or ignored is unpleasant, not all circumstances are due to bullying.

This document from  Turn Up The Music- Prevention Strategies To Help Parents Through The Rap, Rock, Pop, And Metal Years by Jeff Dess (http://www.jeffdess.com) is well written document that helps us determine the difference between teasing and bullying with some examples.


Bullying, Harassment and Violence

All DECD schools work within the guidelines of the  School Discipline Policy

DECD, school communities, services and agencies will work together to create learning communities which are:safeinclusiveconducive to learningfree from harassment and bullying

All DECD schools are required to have an anti-bullying and harassment policy, either as an individual statement or as part of the school’s behaviour code.

Bullying No Way! is the premier website for school communities regarding information and resources to tackle bullying and cyberbullying. The Safe Schools hub provides a wide range of online resources, case studies of safe schools, professional learning for education staff and guidelines for parents, in relation to the National Safe Schools framework.



The Australian Commuications and Media Authority’s Cybersmart education website has age appropriate resources for students and further resources for staff and parents to address the issue of cyber bullying.
This pamphlet from the Cybersmart website provides information about cyberbullying.