About Us

Our practice is committed to providing the highest standard of treatment and service for children and adolescents requiring psychiatric care.  We recognise our patients’ and their parents’ or guardians right to know about their care and to be involved in their treatment.  The following information is helpful in understanding how we work within this practice.



Our practice is located in a renovated cottage at:

107 Walkerville Terrace
Walkerville SA 5081

Street parking is available on Walkerville Terrace or Alfred Street. 


Opening hours

Our opening hours are:
Monday to Wednesday – 9.30 am til 5pm
Thursday – 10.30 am til 2. 30pm
Friday – admin staff only on site – 10.30am til 2.30pm

The office is not staffed on weekends and Dr Turner is not available for consultations.

Messages may be left on the answering machine or emails sent; but these will not be attended to until Monday morning.

After hours or crisis assistance can be sought for your child through the Women’s and Children’s Emergency Mental Health Nurse, at the Women and Children’s Hospital by calling 8161 7000.



Plays a large part in the medical care of children. The people who can give consent to treatment of a child are:

The child themselves if aged over 16 years, or if aged -under 16 years and 2 doctors agree that the child is capable of understanding the nature, consequences and risks of the treatment and that the treatment is in the best interest of the child’s health and well-being (under Section 12 of the Consent to Medical Treatment and Palliative Care Act 1995 SA)

The parent or legal guardian of the child

If there are court orders in place with regard to custody of a child these orders must be brought to the first appointment to ensure that our staff can provide appropriate care for the child.


A patient has a range of rights under the Privacy Act with regard to personal privacy and confidentiality (please see our privacy policy for details).

This practice also recognises the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights -which states that patients have the right to: full information about the treatment being offered including risks and benefits of the treatment given in a clear and open way and to have information about costs of appointments at the practice

Privacy and confidentiality, including to the child who may not want all of the content of their information provided to their parents. Information related to imminent risk or harm to the child will be relayed to parents/guardians where appropriate and if necessary the Child Abuse Report Line – operated by Families SA.

Be treated in a safe and secure environment with respect, dignity and consideration

Comment or complain about their healthcare and have concerns dealt with properly and promptly


Responsibilities of Patients and their Parents/ Guardian

Patients and their parents/guardians are expected to:

Inform medical staff of your child’s medical history (including allergies)

Support the child/young person to attend appointments and participate in the treatment plan and provide up to date contact information

Respect the rights and needs of fellow patients and staff who wish to be in a safe and secure environment

Inform staff of financial concerns prior to the appointment attendance

Notify the practice with 24 hours notice if an appointment is to be cancelled

Communicate to each guardian/carer about the timing and booking of appointments to ensure that those responsible for the care of the child have the opportunity to participate in their psychiatry treatment.


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